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The CCCAS Lamepa Department produces and publishes the official newsletter of the CCCAS, whose name this department is named after, the “Lamepa.”  In English, Lamepa is the Samoan word for “lamp.”  As in the words of the Psalmist in Psalm 119, a lamp is used to light ones path to see where they are going.  In similar fashion, the CCCAS newsletter, aptly named Lamepa, seeks to enlighten the path of the CCCAS going forward by informing members of the work of the Central Office and all of the latest happenings around the CCCAS.  The Lamepa is published bi-monthly.  But there are special cases when a monthly edition is published.

Lamepa Ianuari 2019
Fresh from the Word IBRA

The Lamepa Department is also responsible for publishing the “Tusi Faitau Aso,” the daily lectionary of the CCCAS, created to assist member congregations with their worship services.  It is also aimed at assisting families with their daily prayer services.

For the “Tusi Faitau Aso,” the Lamepa Department works in conjunction with the International Bible Reading Association (IBRA) and its publication, Fresh from the Word a set of notes for every day of the year, that includes prayers and suggestions for action on biblical themes, written by over 50 theologians and biblical scholars; creative and inspirational writers from around the world.

Since Fresh from the Word is written and published in English, the Lamepa Department is tasked with the responsibility of translating it into Samoan.  A lot of work is put into the

Tusi Faitau Aso 2019

Chief Editor

Rev. L. Nuusila Samuelu

Assistant Editor

Rev. Emau Petaia

Assistant Editor

Usugafono Satele, FFS

Assistant Editor

Iese Faavaoga, AK

Assistant Editor

Edward T. Semaia, AK

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