Our Congregations

There are 113 member congregations of the Congregational Christian Church of American Samoa (CCCAS).  Based on locality, these member congregations are organized into 24 Districts (Pulega),  with each District led by an Elder Minister (Faifeau Toeaina).   Of these 24 Districts, 10 are located in American Samoa, 2 are located in Hawaii, 9 on the West Coast of the United States mainland beginning as far north as Alaska all the way down to Southern California; 2 in New Zealand; and 1 in Australia.

These 24 Districts are further organized into Regions (Matagaluega), with each Region led by the Elder Ministers of each District that make up the Region, plus the addition of an Elder Deacon (Tiakono Toeaina). There are 10 Regions altogether that make up the CCCAS:  4 Regions are located in American Samoa (AS), 1 in Hawaii, 4 in the United States mainland, and 1 Region in New Zealand and Australia. 

The breakdown of Regions and Districts of the CCCAS:

1. Eastern Region (AS)
Matagaluega Sasa’e
i. Vaifanua District
ii. Sa’ole District
iii. Sua District

2. Central Region (AS)
Matagaluega Tutotonu
iv. Fagaloa District
v. Itu’au District

3. Western Region (AS)
Matagaluega Sisifo
vi. Tualauta & Leasina
vii. Tualatai & Aitulagi
viii. Fofo & Alataua

4. Manu’atele Region (AS)
Matagaluega Manu’atele
ix. Fale-Ta’u District
x. Fale-Luanuu District

5. Hawaii Region
Matagaluega Hawaii
xi. Hawaii East District
xii. Hawaii West District

6. Northern California Region
Matagaluega Kalefonia Matu
xiii. San Francisco District
xiv. Santa Clara Region

7. Southern California Region
Matagaluega Kalefonia i Saute
xv. Los Angeles North District
xvi. Los Angeles South District
xvii. Oceanside & San Diego District

8. American Northwest Region
Matagaluega Amerika Matu Sisifo
xviii. Seattle District
xix. USO District

9. Alaska Region
Matagaluega Alaska
xx. Alaska North District
xxi. Alaska South District

10. New Zealand & Australia Region
Matagaluega Niu Sila ma Ausetalia
xxii. Auckland District
xxiii. Wellington District
xxiv. Sydney District

Browse through the different Regions and Districts of the CCCAS, and meet our member congregations and their ministers.