Mission Opportunities

While mission opportunities offered directly by the CCCAS are few, there are opportunities to do mission that the CCCAS can offer through her mission partners.  If you are interested in doing mission, browse through the mission opportunities below to see what the CCCAS can offer.  Make sure to check back here often as new mission opportunities will be added once they become available. If there are any opportunities here that interests you, contact the Office of the CCCAS General Secretary for more information (GenSec@efkasonline.org). 

CCCAS Mission Program

The CCCAS Mission program was designed to assist Samoan families and communities who live in areas far away from CCCAS member congregations.  To begin a congregation of their own in the area in which they live, a requests is sent to the CCCAS to provide a missionary to help begin the congregation and provide for the spiritual needs of the congregants.  

The CCCAS Missions Committee oversees all correspondences with potential mission congregations and the selection of missionaries.  To be eligible as a missionary in the CCCAS Missionary program, the following criteria must be met:

  • to have graduated from Kanana Fou Theological Seminary or an equivalent theological school with at least a Bachelor of Divinity degree, or its equivalent;
  • to be in good standing with a CCCAS member congregation, district and region;
  • submit a letter of intent to the Office of the CCCAS General Secretary.

For more information regarding the requirements to participate in the CCCAS mission program, contact the Office of the CCCAS General Secretary (GenSec@efkasonline.org).

The Partner in Mission (PIM) program is a coordinated approach by CWM to sharing people between member churches and, in some cases, the wider ecumenical community.  The term ‘Partner in Mission’ refers to an individual who serves in a context outside of his/her own nation and member church, using skills, experiences and gifts which are needed in the new context that they serve.  If you would like to become a partner in mission on behalf of the CCCAS, contact the Office of the CCCAS Secretary for more info (GenSec@efkasonline.org).

Another mission related program offered by CWM, focusing mainly on the youth, is the Leadership Formation ProgramThis program encompasses several other programs designed to training the youth for mission and leadership formation, such as Training in Mission (TIM), Face to Face, Young Women’s Leadership Development and Youth InitiativesThe Office of the CCCAS General Secretary will send out notifications to member congregations once applications for these programs are being accepted.

Global Ministries offers several mission opportunities that CCCAS members can apply for.  There are priority mission positions in the Dominican Republic, Botswana, Jamaica, and Haiti just to name a few.  There are mission opportunities available for the youth as well. There are also volunteer programs for anyone who is interested.  If you are interested in doing overseas mission, look over all the opportunities that Global Ministries has to offer, and contact the Office of the CCCAS General Secretary if you wish to apply (GenSec@efkasonline.org).