Council for World Mission

The Council for World Mission (CWM) is a worldwide partnership of Christian churches. The 32 member churches of the CWM, including the CCCAS, are committed to sharing their resources of money, people, skills and insights globally to carry out God’s mission locally. 

With a long history that goes back to some of the major mission societies of the 19th century, the Council for World Mission (CWM) was created in 1977 as a fellowship of mission churches, incorporating the London Missionary Society (1795), the Commonwealth Missionary Society (1836) and the (English) Presbyterian Board of Missions (1847).  The CCCAS, ever since its establishment in 1980, has been in close partnership with the CWM in carrying out its ministry and mission both locally and globally.

Partnership with the Council for World Mission (CWM)

CWM offers a range of programs designed to enhance the ministry and mission of its member churches.  Over the years, the CCCAS has benefited from these programs in the developing of its own ministry and mission.  Programs such as the Mission Support Program, the Capacity Development Program, the Leadership Formation Program, and Partner in Mission Program are a few examples of the CWM programs

that the CCCAS has, and continues to utilize in the development of her ministry.  Resources that CWM offered through these programs were used to support the work of Kanana Fou High School, to develop the staff at Kanana Fou Theological Seminary, to assist the ministry of several member congregations, to strengthen CCCAS mission congregations abroad, and to empower the Youth and Women of the CCCAS in leadership roles.

The CWM Common Resources Handbook 2018 explains all the programs that CWM offers its member churches: the purpose of each program, how member churches can apply to each program, and how member churches can work to implement and develop these programs within their own ministries.  Instructions on how to prepare audit reports for these programs are also explained in this handbook.

For CCCAS members and member congregations, click on Opportunities at the top right side of the main menu and see more of what the CWM offers in the areas of Employment, Mission and Funding.  If there are any opportunities offered by the CWM that you are interested in, please contact the Office of the CCCAS General Secretary if you would like more information or wish to apply (