Other Affiliations

The World’s Christian Endeavor Union is the very first interdenominational youth ministry in the world.  The CCCAS Christian Endeavor Fellowship (Mafutaga ‘Au Taumafai) is 1 of 30 independent fellowships of the World’s Christian Endeavor Union located across 29 different countries in the world. 

The National Conference for Ministry to the Armed Forces (NCMAF) connects member faith groups with military and VA chaplaincies.   Through the Endorsers Conference for Veterans Affairs Chaplaincy (ECVAC), a standing committee of NCMAF,  KFTS graduates or any qualified member of the CCCAS can pursue a career as a military chaplain.

The International Bible Reading Association (IBRA) is an association of readers of the Bible around the world in many different churches.  For 135 years, the aim of the IBRA has remained constant: to encourage the daily reading of the bible.  “Fresh from the Word,” one of the publications of the IBRA, is used by the CCCAS for its “Tusi Faitau Aso.”

The Pacific Theological College (PTC) in Suva, Fiji, is an ecumenical theological college that offers a full range of academic programs aimed at serving and equipping future leaders of the Pacific churches.  The CCCAS is 1 of 20 Pacific churches regarded as a “founding member” of PTC.  Presently, the CCCAS is represented on the Executive Council that oversees the operation of PTC.

The National Council of Churches in American Samoa (NCCAS) is the local body of the World Council of Churches (WCC) in American Samoa.  Founded in 1985,  the CCCAS is a founding member of the NCCAS, along with the Roman Catholic church Samoa Diocese, the Nazarenes, the CCJS church, and the Methodist church in American Samoa.

Rooted in the Christian faith, the World Association for Christian Communication (WACC) is an international organization that advocates full access to information and communication, promoting open and diverse media, especially among those denied the right to communicate because of status, identity, or gender. WACC strengthens networks of communicators to advance peace, understanding and justice.