Pacific Conference of Churches (PCC)

The Pacific Conference of Churches (PCC) is an ecumenical organization representing Christian churches in the Pacific region. It seeks the visible unity of the church on issues of justice, peace and integrity of creation, initiatives on capacity building, and solidarity with its members during times of natural disasters and internal social upheavals.

The basic principles of the PCC are an ecumenical spirit welcoming all humankind regardless of religion, belief or ideology; the promotion of justice, peace and the integrity of creation; the respect of equality between men and women; the recognition of the cultures of population groups; equal sharing of resources; sharing of responsibilities; consistency between word and action. Ecumenism in the Pacific refers not only to the unity of the churches but also of the people of the Pacific islands and the communal life of their communities.

What PCC Offers

The PCC offers the CCCAS the opportunity to have a voice on the Pacific stage.  For its member churches, among the current programs of the PCC, a high priority is given to capacity building, i.e. the formation of the persons who are, or will be, in charge of the work of the churches and the councils of churches. This includes management skills as well as vision, and the ability to give leadership.

Another high priority area is the empowerment of young people to assume responsibilities in the church and the society. The PCC has listed three more program concerns as having medium term priority: partnership in mission, the prophetice voice and role of the churches, and women and development. Promoting ecumenical co-operation is a long term goal of the organisation.

For CCCAS member congregations, click on Opportunities at the top right side of the main menu and see more of what PCC offers in the areas of Employment, Ministry, Mission and Funding. If there are any opportunities offered by PCC that you are interested in, please contact us if you would like more information or wish to apply.