Kanana Fou Theological Seminary

Kanana Fou Theological Seminary (KFTS) is the theological training institute of the Congregational Christian Church of American Samoa (CCCAS). 

When the CCCAS was first established in 1980, one of the critical issues it sought to address was the need for a theological training institution to train its clergy for the ministry.  In 1983, through prayer and meticulous planning, Kanana Fou Theological Seminary (KFTS) was established to fulfill this need.  Offering the Diploma in Theology degree when it first opened its doors, KFTS began as a theological training institution for the Samoan clergy, but gradually began accepting students from other Pacific islands as well, such as Tuvalu, Niue and Nauru.

Today, KFTS now offers the Bachelor of Divinity (BD) program as its flagship degree, as well as the Certificate of Theological Studies (CTS) for women, and as a first degree for the laity seeking theological education.  Moreover, when the CCCAS sanctioned the ordination of women in 2004, KFTS opened its Bachelor of Divinity program to women.

In terms of governance, KFTS is supervised under the authority of the CCCAS Elder’s Committee (Komiti a le ‘Au Toeaina) through it sub-committee, the Board of Regents (Komiti Fa’afoe).  The President of KFTS is selected by the CCCAS Elders’ Committee to a term of 5 years, while the  lecturers, who teach and implement the academic programs that are offered, also serve for a term of at least 5 years.

For more information about Kanana Fou Theological Seminary (KFTS), visit their website at: http://kftseminary.org/home/