Office of Christian Education

The CCCAS Office of Christian Education was established to support the Sunday School and Youth ministries of all CCCAS member congregations.  One of the ways this support is offered is by designing the teaching curriculum to be used each year, and publishing teaching material to help Sunday School teachers and ministers/Youth leaders implement this curriculum within their own ministries. Annual visitations are conducted by the Office of Christian Education staff to each CCCAS member congregation to assist in implementing the designed curriculum into Sunday schools and Youth groups. 

The Office of Christian Education also coordinates church-wide programs and activities for Sunday Schools and Youth groups of all CCCAS member congregations, to bring them into closer Christian fellowship with each other.

The CCCAS Education Committee (Komiti o Aoga) oversees the work of the Office of Christian Education.  As such, they are responsible for selecting its director.  The director is assisted by a deputy director and four assistant coordinators who work

out of the Central Office in Kanana Fou.  For CCCAS Regions located outside of American Samoa, they select their own regional coordinator who works in liaison with the Office of Christian Education in American Samoa to offer support to the Sunday Schools and Youth groups of member congregations in the region. 

Meet the entire staff of the CCCAS Office of Christian Education below:


Setefano P. Lefale

Rev. Setefano P. Lefale
Central Office

Deputy Director

Soosoo Tuiolemotu

Rev. Soosoo Tuiolemotu
Central Office

Assistant Coordinator

Sega Ifopo

Rev. Sega Ifopo
Central Office

Assistant Coordinator


Rev. Pesamino Tuitea
Central Office

Assistant Coordinator

Vili Polikapo

Vili Polikapo, AK
Central Office

Assistant Coordinator


Alama Solofa, AK
Central Office

Regional Coordinator

Tautua Fuiava

Rev. Tautua Fuiava
Manu’atele Region

Regional Coordinator

Take Sunia

Rev. Take Sunia
Hawaii Region

Regional Coordinator

Stephen Tukumoeatu

Rev. Stephen Tukumoeatu
Southern California Region

Regional Coordinator

Vai Malauulu

Rev. Vai Malauulu
Northern California Region

Regional Coordinator

Afutoto A. Tagaleoo

Afutoto Tagaleoo, AK
Am. Northwest Region

Regional Coordinator

Stephen Taulealea

Rev. Stephen Taulealea
Alaska Region

Regional Coordinator

Fenunuti S. Ioane

Fenunuti S. Ioane, AF
NZ & Australia Region

Recent publications from the Office of Christian Education available for download:

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Contact Information:
CCCAS Office of Christian Education
1 Kanana Fou St, Box 1537
Kanana Fou, American Samoa 96799
Ph:  +1 (684) 699-9623/9624