Diaconate Fellowship

Mafutaga Aoao a Tiakono

Patea M. R. Patea, Elder Deacon

Mamea Sala

Mamea Sala, Elder Deacon
Vice Moderator

Siakisone Liu, Deacon


The Diaconate Fellowship is inclusive of all ordained deacons and deaconesses who serve in member congregations of the CCCAS. The Diaconate office is an important office in any Christian church.  Based on the role of the ‘diakonos’  (greek – servant’), the office of Deacon is ordained primarily to minister to the physical needs of the members of the body of Christ.  As such, especially in the CCCAS, while the minister provides for the spiritual development of the church, the deacon administers to the physical side.  

As an auxiliary branch of the CCCAS, the Diaconate Fellowship has its own policies and procedures for governance and carrying out their ministerial activities.  Led by the Elder Deacons of each Region of the CCCAS, the Diaconate Fellowship elect their own Executive officers who manage and oversee the affairs of the general Fellowship.  They are lead by a Moderator, a Vice Moderator, a Secretary, and Treasurer.  In the General Assembly, they hold six seats and are allowed to present motions for deliberation.

Only second to the Women’s General Fellowship in terms of membership, the Diaconate Fellowship are true to their motto – “Servants Reliant Upon the Lord” – in how they contribute to the ministry and mission of the CCCAS.