Christian Endeavor's Fellowship

Mafutaga 'Au Taumafai

Faaeteete Saifoloi

Rev. Elder Faaeteete Saifoloi

Rev. Viliamu Leilua

Johnny Fano

Rev. Johnny Fano

The Christian Endeavor’s Fellowship of the CCCAS is one of 30 branches of the World’s Christian Endeavor Uniona Christian youth movement founded in 1881.  In 1890, the missionaries of the London Missionary Society (LMS) introduced this movement into the Samoan mission, and it has since become a permanent fixture within all Samoan congregational churches.  Following the motto of the World’s Christian Endeavor Union – “For Christ and the Church” – the Christian Endeavor’s Fellowship aims at encouraging and equipping, not only the youth, but all CCCAS members to commit their lives to the service of Jesus Christ and the Church.  

As an auxiliary branch of the CCCAS, the Christian Endeavor’s Fellowship has its own policies and procedures for governance and carrying out their ministerial activities.  Its executive officers include: a President, who is elected to a term of 2 years; Vice-President(s) – the title designated to the Elder Ministers who are elected into the executive body from each Region; and a Secretary and Treasurer, who are elected from among Executive members to a term of 3 years. Members of the Executive body of the Christian Endeavor’s Fellowship is made up of one Elder Minister and one minister elected from each Region.

An annual lectionary is published by the Christian Endeavor’s Fellowship (Tusi a le ‘Au Taumafai) to assist local fellowship members with their Sunday worship services (click here to download the 2019 edition).  Besides training and equipping fellowship members to commit their lives to the service of Jesus Christ, the Christian Endeavor’s Fellowship is also a major contributor to the CCCAS Pension fund, and to other ministry and mission projects of the CCCAS.

Ta'utinoga a le 'Au Taumafai

“Ua ou fa’amoemoe i le fa’amalosi mai o Iesu Keriso ia te a’u.  O lenei, ou te ta’utino i le Alii, o le a ou taumafai ona fai o mea uma e tusa ma Lona finagalo.  O le a ou faia ma tulafono i lo’u ola: ou te tatalo ia te ia i aso uma; ou te faitau i Lana Afioga i aso uma; ou te ‘alo ese i inuga ava o’ona i aso uma lava; ou te lagolago i galuega ma tapuaiga a le Ekalesia i so’o se ala ou te mafai ona ou faia.  Ma, i lo’u olaga atoa, o le a ou taumafai i lo’u iloa atoatoa, ona ola i le soifuaga Kerisiano mo Keriso, Amene.”

Christian Endeavor's Pledge

“Trusting in the Lord Jesus Christ for strength, I promise Him that I will strive to do whatever He would like to have me do; that I will make it the rule of my life to pray and to read the Bible every day, and to support the work and worship of my own church in every way possible; and that just so far as I know how, throughout my whole life, I will endeavor to lead a Christian life.  As an active member I promise to be true to all my duties, to be present at and to take some part, aside from singing, in every Christian Endeavor meeting, unless hindered by some reason which I can conscientiously give to my Lord and Master, Jesus Christ, Amen.”