Youth General Fellowship

Mafutaga Aoao a Tupulaga Talavou

Manutafea I. Fano

Salima Eucharist Reupena
Vice Moderator

Anoi Gaogao

Harriette Manase

The Youth General Fellowship is the newest out of all the auxiliary fellowships of the CCCAS.  Seeing the importance of the youth and the younger generation in today’s ministry, the CCCAS sanctioned the creation of the Youth General Fellowship as a means for providing a voice to all the youth and younger generation within the ministry and mission of the CCCAS.

Autalavou EFKAS Matuu & Faganeanea

Autalavou EFKAS Petesa Uta

As an auxiliary fellowship of the CCCAS, the Youth General Fellowship, similar to other fellowships, has its own policies and procedures for governance in carrying out their ministerial responsibilities.  Their Executive officers, which consists of a Moderator, Vice Moderator, Secretary and Treasure, are chosen by way of ballot during their general fellowship meetings.  A representative from each youth group of every member congregation of the CCCAS is to be present during these general fellowship meetings.   

Along with the authority to choose their own officers, the Youth General Fellowship also has one representative in the CCCAS Development Committee, and six delegates in the General Assembly.  Moreover, they are allowed to present motions before the General Assembly for deliberation.  True to their motto – “To Faithfully Serve Christ” – the Youth General Fellowship ensures that the voice of all CCCAS youths are heard within the general ministry and mission of the CCCAS. 

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